Guest DJ


Chris Brogan has been setting the both gay and straight scene alight with his DJ career, which spans nearly over a decade.


With residencies ranging from superbrands WE Party and Beyond in London to Recon Festish Week , Chris showcases his versatility through adapting his music style to match the party, venue and crowd. Having previously played for Salvation, Love Muscle and Tonker, Chris has also had guest appearances on the straight scene for the big players: Defected, Hed Kandi, The Gallery, Fabric and a year residency at Ministry of Sound. He has been spinning at Brighton, London and Manchester Pride festivals and also guests regularly on the Brighton scene.


To add another string to to his bow, Chris also has his own monthly radio show ‘BEARHOUSE’ on This Is Electric, every last Saturday of the month at 8pm.


His sound is a mix of bass-heavy house, tech and his own bootlegs and productions . Chris also already has 4 major club hits under his belt. His most recent release, ‘Make It Hot’, entering in the top 10 on Traxsource.


Check out his latest mix here:


Tell us about your musical influences over the years…

My parents had very eclectic tastes. My mother listened to a lot of Abba and Motown whilst my dad enjoyed Queen and country. My teenage years in France were spent listening to house and eurodance – I used to head to Paris to go clubbing when really I should have been studying (sorry mum!). It gave me the opportunity to experience the French House scene before moving back to London

How did you start DJing?

An ex tried to teach me many years ago whilst he was a DJ in a local gay pub/club in West Londo. My first residencies where in small pubs across London, then thanks to a friend, I had my big break DJing on the main floor at Fabric for a one off they did called Underwater. The late Steve Elliot then took me under his wing and gave me the opportunity to play for Salvation internationally and Love Muscle.

What is the first record you ever bought?

Cathy Dennis – ‘C’Mon and get my love’ was the first single I bought in 1989. I adore the vocal and the piano is divine.

What is your most memorable experience in a club?

Seeing and hearing Laurent Garnier for the first time at the Queen in Paris when I was a teenager was a moving experience. I fell in love with dance music (and men) that night. However the most recent one was in Ibiza for Together at Space. Everything from the venue to the crowd to the lineup was outstanding. That’s what I was amazed about: the DJs made something special for the event, the visual production was a one off and the vibe was unique.

How would you describe your sound at the moment?

Just like my influences, my sound has always been a melting pot. At the moment it’s a mix between bassline heavy house, uplifting pianos, a few re-edited classics and my own productions. I like to mix it up and ensure that there is something for everyone in my set.

What inspires you to make your own music?

I love creating moments or tell a story in my track. I see productions like a puzzle, there’s pieces I hear that I think would go well with others. I have had some successes recently notable So Many Times which was featured at ADE last year and Make It Hot which entered in the Top 10 in the tech house chart on Traxsource.

What is your favourite track right now?

I have several so it’s difficult to chose from. It depends which venue I’m playing at. For my main room/circuit sets at the moment it would be Mark Knight ‘In The Pocket’ and for my more vocal sets would be Mobin Master ‘ Be Without You’ which is a very bassy re-edit/remix of Mary J Blidge’s huge classic.

What should we expect from you at BEEFMINCE?

The roster so far has been pretty impressive and I have big shoes to fill! I have been to BEEFMINCE as a punter and loved the crowd and atmosphere. It’s definitely something that has been missing from the scene a bit so I really hope that they will connect with me and my music. I just want the crowd to have fun and enjoy themselves and expect happy vibes with a bit of an bassy edge.

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