Guest DJ


Gordon John is a resident DJ on our own London’s Dance Power Station,This is Electric with his weekly show SAVAGE BEATS at 8pm every Thursday -featuring the best and coolest tech house music.

Gordon is also a super talented music producer with big tracks on labels like PP Music, Nervous, Hedonistic, Instereo & Subterraneo – and a lot of his tracks regularily charting high in the Traxsource Top 20.

A DJ with over a decade’s experience in London’s club scene, Gordon started off in Soho’s bars, but quickly moved onto the club scene with stints at Substation Soho and Heaven, where he was a resident for almost ten years. Moving on he played Fire, DTPM, Trade, Crash, Action, Juicy Melt, Habit, Warriors, Salvation, Factor 25 and Heaven, as well as regular once a month guest gigs in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Nottingham, Cardiff, Bristol and Plymouth.

With a reputation for spinning quality house music, recent years have seen him spread his wings internationally and clock up gigs in Milan, Rome, Verona, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Copenhagen, Helsinki, New York, Seattle, Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, Canada, South Africa and Australia.


Tell us about your musical influences over the years

I started off with Michael Jackson/ Prince/ Madonna, then I moved onto to old school house like Black Box/ Cappella/ Robin S and full on rave like The Prodigy, whose first album is my favourite album ever to this day.


What was your journey as a DJ??

Discovering Carl Cox with his Fantazia compilations and F.A.C.T compilations alongside N-JOI Live In Manchester made me want to be a DJ. When I moved to London, I met Tony Junior who took me under his wing and taught me how to mix; he also gave me my first DJing job. I will always be thankful to Tony for being so kind for helping me start my career – without him this would never have happened. (PS – He’s an amazing DJ) I then went onto play Substation Soho, Heaven, Melt, Trade, Salvation, DTPM, Crash, Action, Factor 25 and Fire. I also played a lot up north for Heaven with Wayne G in Manchester/ Birmingham/ Nottingham/ Leeds and all around Europe, the US, Canada and Australia.


What is the first record you ever bought?

Abba-  Super Trooper.


What is your most memorable experience in a club?

Trade every single weekend. Steve Thomas was my idol alongside Ian/ Pete/ Gonzalo/ Alan/ Malcolm. The Sharp Boys were making some seriously banging house music which to this day still rocks. Fat Tony ruled the Lite Lounge. I was obsessed with hard house and all the Trade DJ’s killed it every week month after month. The lovely Dave Cross was always there for me giving great advice – which I never listened to by the way , haha, as I was all over the place being so young and excitable.


How would you describe your sound at the moment?

There is a massive UK tech scene right now churning out some huge belters so that’s mostly what I play. Phat beats, subby bass lines and old school vocals with big percussion. More of the straight scene sound. Producers like Apollo 84, Truth Be Told, Max Chapman, Leftwing/ Kody, Latmun, Solardo, Rich Wakley, Ian Jay/Matt Williams, Nico Luss and Mark Dale


Your own productions have been getting a lot of attention recently. Which one is your favourite and why?

Never Stop coming on Hedonisitc – a label that has supported me for two years now (huge thanks to Mark Dale a seriously underrated DJ and producer and such a lovely helpful man). Plus working with Massimo Paramour in the studio is a lot of fun – he makes the best coffee. Massimo is shit hot at what he does. I am very grateful for all the help he has given me over the last 2.5 years. In June I plan to get back on track with the album I have always wanted to make.


What collaborations have you been involved in recently?

I have produced some tracks with Nico Luss and also Wayne Dudley which all landed high up on the Traxsource charts. Soon I am releasing another track with Egoism on the Mighty Nervous. I have new collaborations coming with Nico again, Angelo Scallici, Craig Robertson, Louis Lennon and Deniquee plus I also produced a remake of a big fun 90’s track for Eddy Queens which will be coming over the summer and let me tell you that lady can belt it out.


What is your favourite track right now?

That is a really hard one… Can I give more than one?
Max Chapman-Move Back-Electronic Youth Remix, Mihalis Safras-Ida & Jay Lumen/Wade-Room 2


What should we expect from you at BEEFMINCE?
Sweaty dubby beats with a slight housey vocal here and there to keep them happy

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