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House of Wallenberg is critically acclaimed Swedish artist, song-writer, producer and DJ Petter Wallenberg.


In June this year he will release his new album ‘My House is Your House’. The record challenges today’s testosterone-fuled, white-washed stadium EDM, taking house music back to its original sound: queer, black and vocal-driven. ‘My House Is Your House’ is both a personal art project and advocacy.


Guest vocalists on the album are some of house history’s most legendary voices, the often sampled yet overlooked singers that shaped the musical style. Among them are Adeva, who with pioneers like Frankie Knuckles created the original Chicago house sound. British house diva Angie Brown, of 90’s big anthem ‘I’m Gonna Get You’ fame, and Franke Pharoah, Marvin Gaye’s backing singer and one of the most sampled voices of early house.


Also featured is Eva Iglesias, who became famous for her huge voice in Britain’s Got Talent, alongside Wallenberg regular collaborators Victoria Wilson James from legendary British dance acts Soul II Soul and The Shamen, and Jwl B – one half of hyped US female queer rapper duo Yo Majesty.


“Early house was inspired by Gospel music,” says Petter Wallenberg. “The music style originated in the black gay clubs of Chicago, with Gospel vocals on top of electronic beats. The dance floor became the new church. That’s where I want to take you. This is Gospel for sinners.”


Also appearing on the album is the hit single ‘Love Yourself’, which in 2013 was released as the signature theme of Stop HIV campaign Love Yourself Test Yourself which aimed to encourage testing for HIV. The single was championed by Hollywood superblogger Perez Hilton and the campaign went on to win of the world’s most recognizable international advertising awards, Clio Awards. Above all – the single and campaign actually resulted in a renewed increase in HIV-testing!


The same year he released his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Legends’ where he collaborated with his favourite female singers of all time, including Swedish rap legends Neneh Cherry and Leila K, new Swedish soul superstar Mapei, Ari Up of legendary punk band The Slits, Jwl B of Florida rappers Yo Majesty, Octavia St Laurent from legendary vogue documentary Paris is burning, Victoria Wilson James from Soul II Soul and Nicolette of Massive Attack fame.


‘Legends’ received rave reviews, with Swedish music magazine Sonic rating it 9 out of 10 and the country’s biggest newspaper Aftonbladet calling it “the mightiest guestlist in Swedish pop history.”


House of Wallenberg runs his own clubnight Mums Mums, which is a mecka for lovers of classic house and takes place at residencies like at the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art and famous Stockholm theatre Södra Teatern.


Check out his latest mix here:

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