Guest DJ


Massimo Paramour is a proper musician, if we ever saw one! He is an organist, an orchestra conductor, a music arranger, a sound engineer, a producer and a DJ. His Masters Degree in Organ and Composition at the Conservatory of Music of Piacenza proves he is a total pro! He started performing and teaching, but his love for electronic music led astray and he got a job at the emerging dance music label Media Records.


In the following years, he co-wrote and arranged a international dance-hits for Cappella, 49ers, Sharada House Gang, Clubhouse to name a few, and collaborated with producers such as Ashley Beedle, Gemini, Ralphi Rosario, Roc & Cato, Chris Coco and A Man Called Adam.


He moved to New York in 1999 where he continued to produce for artists like De’Lacy, Shawnee Taylor, Jimmy Somerville, Tito Puente, Angie Brown, Jocelyn Brown, Michele Blade, Debbie Pender releasing on Azuli records, Am:Pm, Easy Street, Sony, Cheeky, Polygram and Hi-Bias.


Thankfully for us, he relocated to London in 2004 where he continued his music activity, mostly writing for TV, theatre and documentaries and engineering for several DJ producers. His professional DJ career started in 2008, with his monthly residency at Megawoof.


His distinctive style, a mixture of nu-disco/indie dance, deep house and tech house, attracted the attention of many and in less than a year he won the Best Newcomer DJ in BOYZ scene awards. Since then, his DJ activity literally took off, with him playing at several major London parties (Trade, We Party, A:M, Movimento After-hour, Blocheads, Beyond, Room Service, Boho and BRÜT) and venues (Fire, The Coronet, The Egg, East Bloc, Club Aquarium, Ministry of Sound and Area) but also internationally.


In the last 4 years, he has been quite busy in his recording studio collaborating and helping other DJs and producers, arranging for emerging songwriters and also writing his own music.


His recent collaborations with Gianluca Pighi “Come with me” reached No.2 in the Traxsource Dance Chart, while “Waiting” featuring Alexander Price went up to No. 32 in the Beatport Indie Dance chart. More recently, his collaboration with Per QX “Ready For This” was played by Pete Tong on his BBC Radio 1 show, and was supported by producers such as Hot Since 82, Eric Prydz, Rene Amesz, Camelphat, Mark Knight, Sonny Wharton, Reset Safari, Dave Angel and Tough Love, just to name a few.


massimo interviewTell us about your musical influences over the years.

My very first big music influence as a teen was New Wave and Post Punk. I have always been attracted to music that sounded different, unique or innovative. I later developed a big passion for contemporary classical music and jazz avant-garde, as much as industrial music and world music. At the beginning of the 90s I became a big fan of the British electronic scene, what they call now EDM and underground dance music.


What is the first record you ever bought?

It was John Carpenter “Escape From New York” OST. I bought the vinyl before owning a turntable, so I used to go to my neighbour to be able to listen to it.


What is your most memorable club experience and why?

It was in Italy at a famous party called Mazoom back in 1994. It was a very popular night at the time. People used to drive there from all over Italy and also from Switzerland and Germany.  I still remember Maurizia Paradiso, a famous Italian transexual waving her legs, completely naked on a swing attached to the ceiling over the dancefloor. The crowd was a mixture of super trendy and super trash…the music incredibly dark and hypnotic, but what I remember most was their vocalist, walking around the dancefloor with a microphone screaming “I got AIDS! I got AIDS!!”.


What got you into DJing?

I technically learned to DJ when I started producing dance music back in 1993, but never thought about doing it professionally, ‘cause the work in the studio was keeping me busy enough, besides I was also working as a session keyboardist at the time, and I was often away touring with bands. It all happened in 2008 when Daz Saund, asked me if I was interested in DJing for Megawoof in Room 2. I accepted ‘cause he gave me total freedom about the music. At the time I was pretty much into Indie Dance and Nu Disco. I loved playing there.


How would you describe your sound at the moment?

Well I always try my best to merge different genres together when I DJ. I can say that in general I like music that has drama that carries tension and energy, but also with a bit of humour. I’m more of a musician than a DJ. Therefore the musical aspect of a track is as important as its groove.


How did you get into producing music?

I used to write music since a very young age, but it became something serious when I got hired by MEDIA records back in 1994, the era of Cappella & 49ers. Each of the 9 recording studios there had a DJ and a musician. It was like a real factory. Later on, they put me in charge of their sub-label Heartbeat, that was specialised in more underground releases, and that gave me a lot of artistic freedom. Through it, I had the chance to collaborate with some real talents, like Ashley Beedle or Gemini from Cajual.


What inspires you to make your tracks? 

My ideas could come up by improvising with a keyboard or a drum machine. Other times I get inspired by listening to old records. I usually let ideas rest for a while, before listening to them again and decide if they still excite me or not.


What should we expect from you at BEEFMINCE?

A mixture of electronic Deep-Tech and Dirty House, to warm you up, alternating vocals and dubs, past and present, then up to beefier and faster grooves to make you sweat. I will also test a few new demos and upcoming releases.

I’m sure it will be a fun night!


What is your favourite track right now?

PATRICK BISHOP – Un (Tuff City Kids remix) – unreleased

I heard this track during DIXON’s set at Fabric 4 months ago and I had to make a video of it, to try and find out what it was. After 2 months I finally managed to solve the mystery, even though it hasn’t been officially released until today. Thank fuck it has been posted on Soundcloud and Youtube:

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