Guest DJ


Mikalis has been working in clubland for fifteen years and is currently Label Manager & Head of A&R for international club brand and record label Kidology London. He is also a DJ and house music producer.


His productions have proved successful with his first release being an official remix for Inner City which was gained an 8/10 review in DJ-mag and further international press. Five years later he has 20+ official releases under his belt including a recent remix of the House Of Wallenberg belter “I Believe” featuring 90s house diva, Adeva.


He was recently part of the Brighton Pride celebrations for his fifth year playing in the 8000-capacity Wild Fruit Tent, tens of thousands on the Marine Parade Street Party, closing for The Freemasons and playing two sets at the Sunday Sundae Pride Reunion. His work with Kidology has led to a number of high profile bookings including The Gallery & Saturday Sessions at Ministry Of Sound, a pool party at Haubentaucher Berlin, The official SW4 Festival After Party at Electric Brixton and many more.



What is the first record you ever bought?

Shamefully I don’t actually remember, the last record I bought was Industry – Release Me (Peter Rauhofer) – I spend loads of time on Discogs filling in the gaps of my record collection and a bit obsessed with the NY sound at the moment.


What got you into DJing and what was your first break?

At first I had no ideas of becoming a DJ but I loved and collected house music, a promoter happened to hear my music and offered me a slot at their night if I learned to DJ. I got myself some decks, spent many frustrating hours practicing. A few months later I was playing to 1000+ people at Bank Holiday events.


What is your most memorable club experience and why?

As a DJ – getting to play in the Wild Fruit tent at Brighton Pride; it was always the ultimate goal for me and I’ll never forget the moment I dropped one of my remixes and had 8000 people facing me arms in air! As a clubber – it was probably the Paradise Garage reunion a couple of years ago at Ministry Of Sound; it was amazing getting to hear DJs I’d only read about, the atmosphere was like nothing else and it heavily influenced my music since.


How would you describe your sound at the moment?

I play at so many different styles – it really depends on the event. One of the things I love most about DJing and producing house is the wide range of influences you can draw from. The core of my music has always been fun and uplifting with a heavy nod to days gone by.


How did you get into producing music?

I made a lot of mash ups for my own sets and they started getting pretty popular, the Freemasons had played one at Pacha and on the radio which got a lot of attention. Mark Wilkinson, who owns Kidology, was really supporting them. One was an Inner City bootleg and Mark loved the idea and wanted to get in the studio to make a remix out of it. We did the track to release on Kidology but Kevin Saunderson really liked it and wanted to release it on KMS in Detroit, which he promoted as their comeback single.


What inspires you to carry on making your beats?

I mentioned before the massive amount of influences you can draw on. It never gets boring. Also it’s great to have music for my DJ sets that no one else has; I’ve got loads of unreleased remixes. I’m also a massive geek so the technical aspect really appeals to me, and there’s always something to learn! I think you could be producing music for a lifetime and still learn.


What is your favourite track right now?

I think it’s a bootleg remix of Annie Lennox – Little Bird by Jay Kay. Not a track you’d expect a house remix of and it always gets people asking what it is.


What should we expect from you at BEEFMINCE?

Fun and funky music that will make you shake your ass and put a massive smile on your face!

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